I’m not good in these situations. I need to sound quietly confident, I know, like I’m about to give you a wonderful surprise. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ But I’m not sure if that’s true. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If I’m going to be honest, I don’t know how to sound. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I do have a surprise for you. ^^^^^^^^^ I’m sure of that. ^^^^^^^^ What worries me is whether you will like it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ There is a good chance you won’t. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Now I worry that I sound manipulative, like I’ve concocted this uncertainty to make you curious. ^^^^^^^^^^^ I worry about a lot of things. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
It is important not to bang on. ^^^^^^^^^^ That’s clear. ^^^^^^^^^^^ The internet is already quite well populated with things that people had to get off their chests. ^^^^^^^ So I’ll come to the point. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Do you want the surprise? ^^^^^^^^^^ Take some time to think about it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If you don’t, that’s fine. ^^^^^^^ If you do, ^^^^^^^ when you’re ready, ^^^^^^ please type your details into the boxes below.
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